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Travel Insurance & Major Medical Insurance for You and Your Family

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

We’ve all heard the stories of how someone without coverage was hit with a huge medical expense when they were forced to get treatment in the USA or a foreign country.

Hospitalization can run into hundreds of dollars per day, surgeries can cost thousands. An extended recovery can reach hundreds of thousand of dollars.

You have enough to worry about when taking a trip without remembering to buy travel insurance. CustomCare’s travel insurance covers you and your family for an unlimited number of trips per year up to 45 days in duration per trip.

Protection From Large Unplanned Medical Expenses

Major medical insurance is ideal as a supplement to your CustomCare plan to provide protection from unforeseen, serious accidents and medical emergencies.

Travel Insurance

Any time you or a family member suffer an unexpected medical emergency while traveling outside the province, you can be covered for:

Medical Assistance
  • $1 Million in Coverage
  • Medical expenses are guaranteed or advanced to service provider
  • Transportation home or to a different medical facility
  • Referrals to physicians, pharmacists and medical facilities
Family Service and Support
  • Travel expenses if stranded due to a medical emergency
  • Accompaniment home for dependant children
Additional Services
  • Return home of rental or personal vehicle
  • Assistance finding lost luggage
  • Interpretation services
  • Available to age 70
  • No deductible

Major Medical

Protect yourself from large unforeseen medical expenses as a result of an accident, sickness or disease

Major Medical coverage provides the following benefits:

  • Emergency and non-emergency medical injury or sickness while in Canada
  • Up to $125,000 per year per person per injury or illness – in the following areas:
    • Hospital Charges
    • Prescription Drugs
    • Nursing Services
    • Ambulance Service
    • Services of licensed practitioners i.e. Chiropractor, Osteopath, Speech Therapist
  • $2,500 deductible per person. This deductible is eligible to be claimed through your CustomCare Plan.

Who is Eligible?

Only CustomCare plan holders and their employees are eligible for Travel and Major Medical Insurance.

Do I Need Major Medical Insurance?

Your CustomCare plan is a very tax-efficient way to be reimbursed for every day medical expenses incurred but the expense of a large unforeseen accident, sickness or disease may be daunting. Major Medical Insurance acts as a “stop-loss” against these large unforeseen expenses that your business may not be able to comfortably budget for.

Why Buy Annual Travel Coverage?

If you take more than one trip per year the cost of annual travel insurance is usually cheaper than buying separate policies for each trip. Many people also like the convenience of knowing that they always have the protection in place rather than trying to remember to buy insurance prior to each trip.

* This benefit is available to CustomCare Health Spending Account clients only. This benefit is a group plan which requires all employees to participate

** For exclusions and full details, please click here


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